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Before I talk about the Tesla Punk 86w mod. The Tesla nano 120w was one of my favourite mods for a long time. I only stopped using it because the battery door became a bit to loose and the batteries kept falling out. This was after around a year and a half of use. So when I saw there was a new regulated tube mod from Tesla in the punk range I had to try it.

The Tesla punk 86w is a regulated tube mod. It is 104mm in height and 28mm in diameter. It weighs 128g and uses a single 18650 battery. It has 2 modes, power mode and bypass mode. The output wattage range is 7 – 86 watts. It’s max output voltage is 8.5v with a max output current is 30A and has a resistance range of 0.1 – 3.0 ohms It also has an OLED 0.49 display. It’s protection methods include long vaping, low voltage, atomiser short, reverse connection and Hi resistance. It comes in 4 colour options antique copper, gun metal, antique brass and stainless steel.

Tesla Punk 86w Look and Feel

I love the look of the Tesla Punk 86w. There aren’t that many regulated tube mods out at the minute that don’t have a built in battery, I prefer the small and portable style of them. I am not a mech user, I prefer to have protections in my vape but I do like the style of some mech mods. This is perfect to get that kind of look. The steampunk design isn’t going to be for everyone but I really like it. I went for the antique copper one and have not managed to find a tank or rda to match. I am using the black EHPro Kelpie RTA on it, so if you like things to be matchy matchy this is something to be aware of when choosing a colour. The mod is on the larger side, I only have the nunchaku to compare it to and it is a little taller but it is comfortable to hold. It will take up to a 26mm tank/rda although anything smaller does look strange.

Tesla Punk 86w Features

This is a very simple mod to use. The battery inserts from the bottom of the mod, the threads of the battery cap aren’t the smoothest. Then just 5 clicks turns the mod on. It only has 2 modes power and bypass and clicking the fire button 3 times switches between these.

The screen is small and discreet placed at the bottom of the mod. It shows basic information, Watts, ohms, volts and battery. It can be hard to read in bright sunlight. You can lock the adjustment buttons by pressing them both together. It has a very fast scroll and increases in 0.5 increments. There is a USB port on the back of the mod but I would recommend using an external battery charger.

Tesla Punk 86w Performance

I have really enjoyed using the Tesla Punk 86w. It vapes really well. I prefer using single coil rta’s that aren’t to low so battery life hasn’t been an issue for me. I actually think it lasts longer than my nunchaku. However if you will be using it at higher wattage the battery wont last long.

Ease of use

The punk 86w is super easy to use. It is super simple and portable and feels smooth even though the cogs are slightly raised. My only con on this mod would be the fire button. It is placed inside a cog which can make it hard to find. I wish they had made it protrude a little more so it was easier to find.

Final thoughts

This is a great little mod. It is comfy to hold and looks fantastic. If you are a fan of the tube mod style vape but want something regulated then this is going to be one for you. You can get this in the UK for around £40.

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