Unlike smoking, vaping indoors doesn’t leave your house stinking of smoke and doesn’t turn the white paint on your ceiling a funny shade of brown over time. But you might have noticed you do get a residue appearing on the insides of windows and on mirrors. So how do you prevent the residue from sticking to these surfaces?

Its really simple and very cheap…. shaving foam.

Yep clean your windows to remove any residue that is currently there and then spray shaving foam onto the inside of your window. You don’t need much.

Then get a dry cloth or paper towel and clean the window until you can see out again. This leaves an invisible film on the window which then prevents vape residue from appearing on your windows.

This is just advice and you should take care to ensure it isn’t going to damage your windows. This guide is provided as is and Vaping Geek accepts no responsibility for any damage caused.

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