This is the OFRF Gear RTA. I have never had a good relationship with RTA’s. Previous RTA’s that I have used,I have always had problems with, they either leak, flood, flavour being poor or the dreaded dry hits. I liked the look of a single coil RTA as I have always preferred a single coil RDA for my squonks.

The OFRF Gear RTA has a diameter of 24mm and a capacity of 2ml with a straight glass and just over 3ml with a bubble glass and it has a 510 thread.

Here is what you get in the box

1 x Gear RTA
1 x extra glass
1 x user manual
1 x Japanese cotton (shoelace style)
1 x bag of spares
2 x Clapton coils
1 x black drip tip
1 x semi transparent drip tip

Build deck

Looking at the build deck you’ll see 4 screws but this is for single coil build only. What is very good about this deck is that no matter which way your coils have been wrapped they will fit. It has 2 generous juice holes which makes for easy wicking.
Fitting a coil is very simple but you will need to have the legs of the coils pointing up and down which if using premade coils will mean you need to either add a wrap or take one off.
Once you have done this you simply slip the coil under the 2 corresponding screws with the legs down to give you more room to adjust and tighten them down. There is a small lip for the legs to be held in place. Then snip the legs as close as u possibly can to the side of the posts.


Wicking this is also super easy I use firebolt cotton which is the shoelace style cotton and this fits perfectly. You don’t want to stuff to much cotton into this as you will end up with dry hits. Less is more. Cut the cotton flush with the edge of the tank then bend the cotton up so it sits on top of the juice intake. You should not see cotton under the juice intake.
This is is a very short tank when held side by side with the goon RDA it is practically the same size not including the drip tip. If you are wanting to put large complex coils into this be aware that it will get hot.

Final Thoughts

The flavour from this tank is amazing I have never had this kind of flavour from an RTA. Vapour production is also very good. My only couple of cons for this are the drip tips, I used the black one and constantly got liquid building up on the top of the drip tip which was very annoying. I switched to a straight drip tip and had no problems with it. The other con has to be the capacity of the tank if you chain vape on this you will be filling it every 5 mins. However for the flavour of this thing it’s worth it.
I also want to mention that the bubble glass which I got with this tank was made of plastic and cracked straight away as I was using a banana liquid. I ordered the glass bubble and this has been fine.
Overall I am loving this RTA. This is the first RTA I have not had a single problem with (except for the drip tip but this is easily fixed) it is very easy to build and wick and the flavour is awesome. So much so that I find myself using this over my squonks.

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