Kelpie RTA Tank Review

The Kelpie is the latest single coil RTA by EHPro in partnership with Vaping With Vic. It is a 25mm tank and is 32mm in height not including the 510 or the drip tip. With the straight glass it holds 2ml and with the bubble glass which unlike other tanks is included in the box it holds 3.5ml. It uses an 810 drip tip and at the point of writing this review it comes in two colours black and stainless steel. We bought both just to see what they are like.

In The Kelpie RTA Box

1 x Kelpie RTA
1 x 3.5ml bubble glass
2 x Coils
1 x Phillips screwdriver
1 x Pack of O rings
4 x spare screws
1 x Cotton
User manual

Kelpie RTA Design & Build

The Kelpie tank is well machined, the threads are smooth. The airflow ring has just the right resistance to it making the airflow easy to adjust when it is in use on a mod but not too loose that it will move around on its own. The design of the Kelpie RTA includes a domed chamber which is positioned close to the coil which contributes to the amazing flavour from this tank. Filling the tank is very easy with its slide top refill design however the slide top could be a bit tighter which has caused a couple of liquid leaks with the slide top moving with the slightest knock. Apart from this one small issue the overall design and build is really good.

Build Deck

The build deck on the Kelpie has a 30 hole honey comb airflow. The great thing about the build deck on the Kelpie is that it will accept coils with either both legs pointing down or one leg pointing down and the other leg point up. Perfect if you wrap your own coils. This is a very clever way to design the deck and makes coiling the tank very easy. The build deck has very small phillips screws which might strip over time however you do get spares in the box.

Overall the build deck is a very clever design and apart from the phillips screws we really like it.


The airflow is provided by two 13mm airflow holes at the base of the Kelpie tank, even though this design sounds generous you still get a restricted draw however this depends on coil placement on the build deck. The 30 hole honey comb airflow around the coil means the full coil gets hit with air which means the Kelpie gives fantastic flavour and cloud production.

Kelpie RTA Build & Wicking

Building on this tank is very easy and makes the Kelpie tank a great choice for a first RTA. Place the coil in the posts and screw down ensuring the screws grip the leads. You don’t need to pre cut the coils as this can be done after. Straighten out the coil ensuring it is central. For us we are getting the best flavour when the coil is slightly raised from the deck but this is our opinion and it might be different for you so just experiment until you find your perfect place. Bend the coil legs upwards and then cut the excess as close to the deck as possible to avoid any short when using the tank.

Wicking is straight forward and its all about cutting the cotton to the right length. If you get it too short we have noticed the tank can leak but at the same time you don’t want too much cotton sitting in the the juice well.

We have used 3mm coils while testing the tank, you could possibly go to a 3.5mm coil but this would be the maximum for the Kelpie tank

Check out this Kelpie introduction video from Vaping With Vic which shows you how to wick the tank if you are struggling with this.

Kelpie RTA Final Thoughts

The Kelpie RTA is now our favourite single coil RTA. The flavour from this tank is amazing and cloud production is excellent. We have been using both of the tanks on various mods and have had a few different builds in them. This is a bold but true statement, the flavour from the Kelpie tank is better than the Gear RTA which alot of people rate very highly for flavour.

You can pick up the Kelpie tank from Nature Vape for less than £30 which makes this tank a fantastic and affordable tank.

Click here to by the Kelpie from ECIGOne

Click here to buy the Kelpie from Nature Vape

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