The Zeus X is the latest top airflow rta by geekvape. This is the 4th top airflow the company have released after the original Zeus, the Zeus dual and the Themis rta. It comes in 6 different colours. Blue, gunmetal, rainbow, SS, red and black.

It is a 25mm tank and is 47.8mm in height with the drip tip. 39.1mm without drip tip. Using the bubble glass will make it 29mm wide. With the straight glass it holds 2ml and with the bubble glass it holds 4.5ml. If you are in a country with tpd you will need to purchase the bubble glass separate as it comes with a spare straight glass not the bubble glass. It uses a 810 drip tip.

In the box

1 x Zeus X rta

1 x straight spare glass

1 x manual

2 x Clapton coils N80 0.4 ohms

1 x shoelace style cotton

1 x bag of spares

1 x 810 drip tip


The overall build quality and design is superb. The machining is very clean and the threads are smooth. The airflow ring moves smoothly and has a stopper, it has the right amount of restriction to not move on it’s own in your pocket. Filling the tank is easy just a quarter turn to remove the top, the fill holes are on the smaller side but this hasn’t caused me any issues.

Build Deck

The build deck reminds me of the dead rabbit, not so much in looks but mainly due to the top loading posts and the fact the wicks need to be longer to reach the wick slots. I have been cutting mine to the threads of the deck and had no wicking issues. The design also leaves space to cut the extra length of your coils but if you have a coily tool cutting them to 4.5mm means this is not needed.

There’s not much room for larger coils as you have to account for the inside chimney. I would stick with 3mm coils for dual builds to avoid shorts.


The airflow system on the Zeus X is very smart. Having a chimney inside the chimney. The inside chimney is removable for easy cleaning but can come loose when taking the tank apart, something to be aware of. The inside chimney has 2 cutouts which fits the 2 notches on the build deck and stay in place when screwing the tank together. The top holes of the chimney direct the air to the top parts of the coils at an angle, and the side holes hit the coils on their sides. This creates outstanding flavour and vapour production. The airflow on this tank is very smooth.

Build and Wicking

Building on this tank is simple. Cut your coils to 4.5mm and slot in place. Hold them down and screw in place. This tank has flat head screws which I know some people are not a fan of but it does come with spare hex screws so you have the option to switch these out. After making sure your screws are tight, straighten up the coils making sure to leave space between the coils but don’t have them to far out you want them upright over the posts. Then burn in the coils making sure to check for hot spots.

When it comes to wicking you don’t want to overstuff the coils. The coils should not move when you are threading the cotton through. Lay the cotton against the threads of the deck (where the chimney screws onto the deck) and cut here. Thin out the cotton a little and soak with liquid this will make the cotton slightly longer. Sit the cotton on top of the juice intake, the juice intake should be covered by the cotton but no cotton should be going down into the juice intake. Then simply line up the notches and screw the tank together.

Final Thoughts

I have had no issues with this tank since the day I got it. I know a lot of people have had problems with the o rings being to loose and causing it to flood or leak, but this can be fixed by using the spares that are provided in the box. I have been one of the lucky ones and not had these issues. The only O ring I find to be loose is the bottom one that sits under the glass. It has popped off twice when I have unscrewed the tank. It doesn’t seem to be seated deep enough so just be careful when taking the tank apart.

The zeus x really is in a league of its own for top air flow tanks. Nothing I have had matches it for flavour and I much prefer this to the dead rabbit rta. It is at the top of its game for rta’s of this size. I would highly recommend this rta. You can pick this one up for between £25-£30. Which is a very good price for something of this quality.

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