Battery safety is so important when vaping. The batteries that most vape mods use are called 18650 batteries. These are lithium-ion batteries and if mis-treated can be extremely dangerous. This guide provides some basic battery safety tips and advice that you should always follow.

Keep Your Batteries Wrapped

All batteries come with a wrap on them to prevent them from shorting out. Always make sure the wrap on your battery is in perfect condition. If there are any tears in the wrap or for some reason it is coming loose then either replace the battery or you can put a new wrap on the battery.

Keep Your Batteries Away From Heat

Always keep your batteries away from heat and direct sunlight. If batteries get too hot there is a risk of them exploding or catching fire.

Don’t buy cheap batteries

Always buy decent batteries and be careful of fakes. Always buy your batteries from reputable retailers and if your in any doubt buy them from somewhere else.

Keep Your Batteries in Cases

When your not using your batteries you must keep them in a case to protect them from shorting out. A short on a battery can cause it to explode which isn’t something you want to happen especially if they are in your jeans pockets.

You can buy cases from most shops and online

Here is a link to some battery cases on Amazon

Keep Paired Batteries For Dual Battery Mods

Always keep batteries for dual battery mods together. They call this “Married” Charge them together and use them together.


Never leave charging batteries unattended and always use a decent battery charger to charge your batteries.

Your local vape shop will sell decent reputable battery chargers. If you can’t get to a vape shop then here is the best 1860 battery charger on Amazon that we use

When it comes to batteries it should be your second most expensive purchase after your mod. Please don’t skimp on battery safety.

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