Vandy Vape Jackaroo Kit

The Vandy Vape Jackaroo is the latest kit from vandy vape. It is a 100w single battery mod which can take 18650 (with adapter) 20700 and 21700 batteries. It has a colour screen. It is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. (Mr Vaping Geek tested if it was waterproof by dropping it in a glass of water without warning me) It comes in 10 different colour options. The tank is the Jackaroo sub ohm tank which comes with 2 mesh coils a 0.15 and a 0.30. The straight glass holds 2ml and the included bubble glass holds 5ml. Vandy Vape Jackaroo Box

Tesla Punk 86w Review

Before I talk about the Tesla Punk 86w mod. The Tesla nano 120w was one of my favourite mods for a long time. I only stopped using it because the battery door became a bit to loose and the batteries kept falling out. This was after around a year and a half of use. So when I saw there was a new regulated tube mod from Tesla in the punk range I had to try it. The Tesla punk 86w is a regulated tube mod. It is 104mm in height and 28mm in diameter. It weighs 128g and uses a

Vaporesso Luxe Kit Review

Having used the original Vaporesso Revenger for a few years I decided it was time for a bit of a refresh. So I decided to go with the Vaporesso Luxe. Before we get into the review of this kit I just want to explain why I liked the Vaporesso Revenger Mod so much and also it deserves a few words for all its hard work over the past couple of years. The Revenger was a really nice mod. It was a nice weight and was comfortable to hold. It took 2 x 18650 batteries and basically it just worked with

The Kelpie RTA By EHPro & Vaping With Vic Review

The Kelpie is the latest single coil RTA by EHPro in partnership with Vaping With Vic. It is a 25mm tank and is 32mm in height not including the 510 or the drip tip. With the straight glass it holds 2ml and with the bubble glass which unlike other tanks is included in the box it holds 3.5ml. It uses an 810 drip tip and at the point of writing this review it comes in two colours black and stainless steel. We bought both just to see what they are like. In The Kelpie RTA Box 1 x Kelpie RTA

Geekvape Zeus X RTA Review

The Zeus X is the latest top airflow rta by geekvape. This is the 4th top airflow the company have released after the original Zeus, the Zeus dual and the Themis rta. It comes in 6 different colours. Blue, gunmetal, rainbow, SS, red and black. It is a 25mm tank and is 47.8mm in height with the drip tip. 39.1mm without drip tip. Using the bubble glass will make it 29mm wide. With the straight glass it holds 2ml and with the bubble glass it holds 4.5ml. If you are in a country with tpd you will need to purchase

OFRF Gear RTA Review

This is the OFRF Gear RTA. I have never had a good relationship with RTA’s. Previous RTA’s that I have used,I have always had problems with, they either leak, flood, flavour being poor or the dreaded dry hits. I liked the look of a single coil RTA as I have always preferred a single coil RDA for my squonks. The OFRF Gear RTA has a diameter of 24mm and a capacity of 2ml with a straight glass and just over 3ml with a bubble glass and it has a 510 thread. Here is what you get in the box 1

Best 18650 Battery Charger

Best 18650 Battery Charger

Having a reliable 18650 battery charger is very important. A good 18650 battery charger will have a number of key features. If your looking for the best 18650 battery charger look no further. We have been using this one for a few years now with no problems at all. The charger that we use is the Nitecore i4 Intelligent Battery Charger. It has all the expected features of a battery charger plus a few more for added protection. The main feature we really like about this battery charger is that it uses Active Current Distribution (ACD) Technology and automatically identifies

Battery Safety

Battery safety is so important when vaping. The batteries that most vape mods use are called 18650 batteries. These are lithium-ion batteries and if mis-treated can be extremely dangerous. This guide provides some basic battery safety tips and advice that you should always follow. Keep Your Batteries Wrapped All batteries come with a wrap on them to prevent them from shorting out. Always make sure the wrap on your battery is in perfect condition. If there are any tears in the wrap or for some reason it is coming loose then either replace the battery or you can put a

Prevent Vape Residue On Windows

Unlike smoking, vaping indoors doesn’t leave your house stinking of smoke and doesn’t turn the white paint on your ceiling a funny shade of brown over time. But you might have noticed you do get a residue appearing on the insides of windows and on mirrors. So how do you prevent the residue from sticking to these surfaces? Its really simple and very cheap…. shaving foam. Yep clean your windows to remove any residue that is currently there and then spray shaving foam onto the inside of your window. You don’t need much. Then get a dry cloth or paper

IJOY Katana Subohm Tank

I have been using the IJOY Katana tank for around 2 weeks now and I have to be honest its a great tank so here’s all the information and my opinion on this subohm tank. The Katana tank is a mesh coil subohm tank and uses a balanced triangular adjustable bottom airflow system (bit of a mouthful) which unlike some other bottom airflow tanks is still easy to adjust when the tank is on a mod. One negative about the airflow system is that when you have the airflow half closed the tank is quite noisy when you are using